“The Hoboken Sound” (almost) complete

I wrote an entry here a while back extolling one particular virtue of Hoboken’s Maxwell’s – rock club, restaurant and watering hole par excellence – its one small video screen. A great respite from almost all the other places in Hoboken.

In said post, I mentioned “The Hoboken Sound”, a local NYC news produced documentary from 1985 about the music scene. Well, after some comments on the Maxwell’s Facebook page/group, a near-complete copy of the show was offered by Jesse Jarnow. I then converted and posted it to my YouTube page. It is almost complete, because I have a memory of reporter Bob O’Brien riding off on a motorcycle at some point in the show, perhaps the final shot. That scene is not in this video. I also noticed a Group W title, that seems to indicate to me that this is from a recording where the documentary was perhaps re-shown or syndicated, rather than a recording of the actual first local NYC broadcast.

And here it is:

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