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Killing The Double Page Spread To Death

I ask all comic book people out there: would you care to join me in killing the redundant “Double Page Spread”? Or just kvetching about it?

Because, well, a spread by definition is two pages.

Double page splash, fine, go ahead, because there can also be full splashes, partial splashes,  initial splashes, interior splashes, chapter splashes

A minor bit of tilting at windmills, I know.

Or maybe something like this is ok: “My PIN number wouldn’t work at that ATM machine. Later, even though I referred back to the wrong ISBN number, I received a free gift!”



Kali scene – Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1973)

Just a quick note to accompany this clip of Ray Harryhausen’s work.

Being able to see moving images of the fantastic was a rare thing for the general populace before VHS rentals became ubiquitous. These wild visions would show up regularly on broadcast television, either late at night, or during  the weekends, but by regularly, I mean you could see a particular movie twice a year if you were lucky. Or you might be able to catch them in a midnight movie, or a revival house. Organizations could rent 16mm prints of movies and show them, so sometimes you’d get lucky at summer camp or a school auditorium on a rainy day. (I know devotees would collect 16mm prints, too, and 8mm reels were available, but I’m talking about the non-collector, non-devotee type. Not everyone owned a movie projector.) Cable TV was only starting out.

So, when I went to The Ritz one night with some friends to see, um, Marianne Faithful?, Adrian Sherwood’s Tackhead?, sorry can’t remember. I was absolutely transfixed by the video DJ-ing that was going on pre-show.

One of the clips shown was Kali.