Monthly Archives: October 2012

I’ve had a whole ‘nother Fluffernutter

Yes, I’d put Marshmallow Fluff and Skippy smooth peanut butter between two slices of TasTee Bread (Wonder Bread was rarely in our house)…

and have a Fluffernutter

Not that we had Fluff all the time, but when it was in the house, it was in order to have Fluffernutters. Would there have been any other reason? Check the link to go to a page that includes an audio file of an old-school Fluffernutter commercial.

My point in writing this?  I have realized that for a few years now, probably 35 years or more since I last had a Fluffernutter, that I have been indulging in a modern variant.

Multi(usually 12)-Grain sliced bread with organic ground-by-me-in-the-local-shop-so-it’s-chunky/crunchy peanut butter and… wait for it…  organic fig preserves.

It EVOKES the Fluffernutter in the crunchy, fiber-y manner that I prefer these days. Depending on the style of the preserve, the fig can also remind us that the Fig Newton is a very processed snack treat.