Comic Land, 1948 (in color)


Thanks to Bob Beerbohm, Robert Moubert’s thread on the ByrneRobotics forum, the incredible Grand Comics Database, the Pocket Books section at Cover Browser and some colorizing hints from Mads Madsen, I’m happy to present to you “Comic Land, 1948 (in color)”

3 thoughts on “Comic Land, 1948 (in color)

    1. rand Post author

      Glad you like it, Robbie! Your thread on Byrne Robotics provided a huge jumping off point.

      I was able to find almost all the covers you hadn’t identified, found some where I disagreed with your ID, and added a few best guesses that offered nothing identifiable other than their location in the non-rigid alphabetic order. Also threw some random Donald Duck pages on the book the kid is reading. Oh! and had great fun ID-ing the paperback books on the far right.

      Thanks again!

  1. Robert Beerbohm

    Just learned you had taken on this back in 2015, Rand! I have so much catch up I am playing as I was down & focused on keeping Katy alive towards her healing path from 2010-2016. Now, I gotta ask though, those Donald Duck “random” pages are by Carl Barks, right???? 🙂


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