2 thoughts on “Yes, I love this

  1. Richard Bensam

    Some of these designs are beautiful, like the Hotel Atraccion and the St. Marks Church tower…but a couple of them look really dehumanizing and ugly, and I’m glad the latter were never built. (And I say that as a guy who loves city skyscrapers and has always wanted to be the Jetsons’ next door neighbor…)

  2. Rand Post author

    Having encountered Colgate’s Paul Rudolph-designed Brutalist Dana Arts Center and spent a decade working in an unremarkable International Style office tower downtown (160 Water Street), I’m glad some of these weren’t built, too. Love that the folks at TV’s Fringe used at least the Gaudi in their alternate universe NYC skyline.

    (Who would design a building so that if one merely brushed against the wall of the hallway, scraping of flesh or damage to clothing was guaranteed?)


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