Stevens’ Love Nest

There was a moment in time. Just a brief, fleeting moment, when love was in the air on Sixth Street in Hoboken.

In a small ventilation inset of the Burchard Building – a Stevens Institute of Technology classroom and laboratory building marked “Electrical Engineering. Metallurgy – Physics” – liquid refreshment containers reproduced.

It was signed the Love Nest.

The progenitor was a small Rita’s cup. Left on the ledge for “weeks”, this delightful cup asexually reproduced a Dunkin Donuts cup.

The next day, in an explosion of Pre-Cambrian proportions, a glass bottle, a Wendy’s cup and a Starbucks cup were all produced.

Then, in no quicker a time than it appeared, the Love Nest went extinct.

I miss the Love Nest. Do you?

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